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Perfect Resume Ideas for Assistants!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I wanted to end this week's job search topic with the essential tool you'll ever need, and that is your resume! A well-written resume could help open a lot of doors while a careless resume, won't!

Let your resume stand out!

You can only imagine how many resumes pass through a recruiter's desk, what makes your's different from another assistant with the same amount of experience as you? The answer to that is, personality, and it isn't easy to translate onto a piece of paper. Depending on the industry, you may or may not be able to get a little creative, but always make sure to show your skillset and let it shine!

Proof Read!

One of the biggest mistakes I hear C-Level executives criticize when reviewing a resume is a person's grammar! How can we say that we pay attention to details when our spelling and grammar errors show otherwise? Ask a friend to review your resume and call out any mistakes you might've missed.

Make Sure Your LinkedIn Is Listed On Your Resume

We live in the age of Google, and 9/10 recruiters WILL search for you on LinkedIn if you don't have an established account a recruiter might pass on reaching out to you. Check out this article on Fast company ( to find out what recruiters are looking for candidates LinkedIn Profiles!


Make sure to use keywords commonly used on job descriptions. It's 2020, and the harsh truth is that some companies are now using Resume filtering software, so making sure you have the same if not similar keywords on your resume will increase your chances!


One of the things I take seriously is increasing my skill set, whether that's learning a new program or investing in becoming a Notary Public, whatever is needed to be able to add it to my resume. Make sure to think of all the software, or training you've had throughout your career and add it to your resume! The fact is that recruiters care and increasing your knowledge will also help you with negotiating your salary!

We have exciting news to share! In the next coming weeks, we will be launching a resume writing service on for all levels of assistants, so whether you're just starting or are a veteran, we're here for you, and we have your back! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @Eliteassiting to get notified!

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