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Is your LinkedIn Stopping You From Getting The Job?

More than four million LinkedIn members were hired through the platform in 2019 (Linkedin)

Gary Vaynerchuk said it himself, LinkedIn in 2020 is like Facebook back in 2012. It's the most underutilized platform out there, but it's also the most effective! Statistics clearly show that four million LinkedIn members were hired through the platform. In an oversaturated market, what are you doing to stand out to recruiters and employers? Have you nurtured and cared for your LinkedIn in the past four months? Here are my tips to you on how you can get noticed on LinkedIn.

First impressions matter

Someone once said "A Picture is worth a thousand words" and that saying stands true when it comes to your profile picture! You want to be very mindful of the message your sending to your potential employers and recruiters, make sure that your picture is welcoming and professional, leave the selfies with friends on your Instagram page!

Make Headlines!

The headline section is the perfect opportunity to let employers know your strengths! A good headline can present amazing opportunities, while a bland headline can cost you one! Like your photo, it's the key to making a good impression but most importantly, did you know that it's one of the most important fields in the LinkedIn algorithm? If you want to get noticed, you're going to have to make headlines!

You've heard about keywords, it's one of the tools you are urged to use when updating your resume! The same applies to your LinkedIn headline, a good headline will outline all of your best qualities while a not effective headline will just outline what you do now!

Boring Headline:

Executive Assistant at XYZ Company

Effective Headline:

Sr Executive Assistant | Chief Of Staff | Project Manager | Executive Business Partner

These simple changes will really help busy recruiters notice your profile!

Update The Summary Section

You know you're amazing at your job, so brag about it! The summary section should showcase all your achievements!

When recruiters are looking for top candidates they will usually go directly to your summary section. In fact, recruiters consider this the MOST important section of your profile but sadly, it's also the most underused!

Remember those keywords I mentioned earlier? You're going to want to use those keywords in your summary too. By strategically using this list of magical keywords, it'll boost your profile's searchability and visibility which will make it stand out from millions of other candidates in your area!

A good summary will have an intriguing introduction, list how many years of expert experience you have in your field and what you do. List any projects or achievements you've had and make sure to include facts and figures. Did you help reduce costs? Or perhaps you worked at a top company like Google, Apple, Facebook? Here is your chance to highlight what makes you the best at what you do!

Location, Location, Location!

Location matters! Recruiters screen based on the location! Adding your metro area opens the door to opportunities in your area!

If you maximize your LinkedIn profile, you may not be looking for your next job. It could come find you. - Suzy Welch (Best-Selling management author and CNBC contributor)

List your current position

Believe it or not, most profiles on LinkedIn are outdated! The job positions are often old and no longer relevant and this is a big deal! You want to make sure to let recruiters know that you're active on the platform and that you are open to any opportunities they may have to offer you. Truth is, no one is going to reach out to you if they feel like you're not serious about your career growth!

We'd love to hear from you, is there anything on this list that you didn't know? let us know in the comments or email us at

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